Book Review - Those Who Wait: Finding God in Disappointment, Doubt and Delay by Tanya Marlow

Dear Friends,

I was invited to be a part of Tanya Marlow's Facebook launch team for her new book "Those Who Wait: Finding God in Disappointment, Doubt and Delay".
Tanya has been ill with M.E since 2007 and writes openly and honestly about her life, her weaknesses and her relationship with God. Her background is in theology and ministry. You can find out more about her on her website:
Below is my review of her book:
As the title of Tanya's book indicates, waiting can lead to disappointment and doubt. The book explores how it is possible to find God during those waiting times.
The book covers four Biblical characters - Sarah, Isaiah, John the Baptist and Mary (the mother of Jesus) - and their experiences of waiting. I particularly enjoyed the creative accounts of their lives which brought a fresh perspective and understanding of these people, and how they really are very similar to us.
Tanya includes further Bible reading, creative exercises, prayer s…

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

Dear Friends, 

Why does something always seem to go wrong and cause more work when you are already feeling under pressure from a full to do list?
Last week I was greeted by the sight of a large puddle of milk coming from our fridge freezer. What was happening? I got my answer as soon as I opened the fridge door. An opened six pint milk bottle had been placed on it's side and somehow the top had sprung off into the shelf compartment of the fridge door and milk was leaking everywhere....and I mean everywhere. It had even got in the sealing around the fridge door through a small hole. When I pressed on the sealing, milk shot out!!
When it comes to spilt milk I'm a little paranoid about getting every drop cleaned up, having learnt from experience the smell that comes from milk that hasn't been completely wiped clean!
Now, on some days, I could have easily burst into tears (it doesn't take much) but God gave me the grace I needed to deal with the incident. And I'm pleased t…

A Spiritual Journey

Dear Friends,

Today's devotional is somewhat different in style. I want to focus on the story of Jesus healing the man born blind, which we find in John 9. You can read it here:Bible Gateway
Or, below is my creative re-telling of the account. My aim being to help us look at it with fresh eyes (particularly if it's a well-known story for you).  Or you may find it helpful to imagine yourself as the blind man.
Tobiah sat by the roadside as he did every day.A broken