Rest: A Necessity or A Luxury?

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Dear Friends, 
We live in such a fast-paced world, where we hardly take a moment to stop and take a breath. We feel pressured to move at the pace of everyone else. Whenever I've had to get the train to London, the moment I step off the train and onto the platform, I find myself swept along in the frantic pace set by those around me. Everyone is rushing and without realising it, it's easy to get caught up in the rush.
We tend to feel guilty if we admit we need to have a rest. We find it hard to accept our own limitations. We put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves to keep going. We view rest as a luxury and tell ourselves "I'd love to be able to have a rest, I just don't have the time." But rest is not a luxury, it is, in truth a necessity. We need rest.

I believe that if we continually ignore our need to rest, God steps in to use our circumstances to make us rest. …

Book Review: A Tale of Beauty from Ashes: A Six Session Bible Study based around the live action film 'Beauty and the Beast' by Liz Carter

Dear Friends,

Just last year I connected with Liz Carter through Facebook. I also signed up for her newsletter because I love what she has to say. When I signed up I received her eBook, "A Tale of Beauty for Ashes" for free. (If you are interested, you can do the same by clicking on this link here) Alternatively, you can buy it as an eBook or paperback version at a very reasonable price (through Amazon)

Read on if you're interested to know what her book is about and why I liked it...
I loved how Liz Carter combined the live action Disney film "Beauty and the Beast" (My all-time favourite Disney film 😊 Who doesn't love "Beauty and the Beast"?!) with Isaiah 61 for this six week Bible Study. She has used scenes from the film to explore the Biblical theme of redemption and restoration. Each week looks at a different aspect of restoration: such as our identity, our past, our hope, and our future. Each session ends with a thought from Isaiah 61 and a pra…

The Oxygen Mask Analogy

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Dear Friends,
Jason and I have recently returned from a short break away in Morocco. We travelled by plane and if you've ever flown then you'll be familiar with the safety talk given at the start of each flight. The part of the talk which always stands out for me is when they mention that if oxygen masks are needed in the event of an emergency,you are to attend to your own oxygen mask first, before assisting your child with theirs. The principle here is that if you don't first take care of yourself, you will not be able to help anyone else.
For me, this behaviour is the opposite of what I learned growing up in an evangelical church setting. Through teaching and example, I learned that others and their needs came way ahead of mine. I grew up believing that as a Christian I should serve and minister to others and that my needs were to be at the bottom of the list. 
Perhaps you grew up…

Don't Give Up!

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Dear Friends, 
Have you ever been discouraged during your Christian life? Have you ever felt like giving up? 
One of the areas I can become discouraged is to do with the calling I believe God has given me. I find it hard to keep going when I don't seem to be getting anywhere, when it doesn't feel as though I'm making any difference or impact for God. And I start to think that maybe I should just give up because I have little to show for it. Or I tell myself that I must have misheard God and this isn't what he's called me to.

When it comes to my writing, I am writing for God and my desire is that it will be a blessing and a help to those who read it. Yet, there are times when I think that I'm doing little good with it; so perhaps I should stop and find something else to do instead.
I compare myself to other writers (yes, I know I shouldn't) - what they write is so profound …

Hiding God's Word In My Heart

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Dear Friends, 

Do you struggle to memorise Scripture? It's been a long time since I was really serious about it. Years ago, I would regularly and easily learn Bible verses when I attended Sunday School and children's clubs at church. 
Now I find it so much harder. I'm sure it's partly because of my age and partly due to having M.E. which has negatively affected my ability to concentrate and retain information. However, neither of these reasons are good enough to excuse me from trying to memorise God's Word. 
This year I'm taking part in Kristi Woods' Scripture Memory Program. ( The aim is to memorise the whole of Psalm 34 one verse at a time through 2018. 
Why should you and I memorise Scripture?
Basically, I believe it's for our good. God commands it. Jesus modeled it when he walked this earth, and we are called to be like Jesus. 
In Psalm …

My Verse and One Word for 2018 (voice recording)

Vocaroo Voice Message

Dear Friends,

I am looking into making recordings of my devotional blog posts available for those who would prefer to listen rather than read. Today recording is on my latest post which has the same title.

If this works and you do listen, I would be very grateful for any feedback you can give me.


My Verse and One Word for 2018

Dear Friends, 

It has become my habit for the last few years to choose a word and/or Bible verse for the year. I first learned about one word for the year through email devotionals I received from America, but the practice is becoming more and more popular here in England too.
When I say, I choose a word and verse, I don't mean that I randomly choose a word just because I like the sound of it and neither do I choose a word based on what someone has chosen. No, in the wind-down of a year and in the first few weeks of a new year I spend time with God, asking him to reveal to me what he would like me to focus on for the coming year. When I do this, both the word and the verse have far more meaning and relevance to my life and I know God has good reasons for drawing my attention to them.
This year, the verse came before my word. I was in church one Sunday morning when the worship leader shared one particular verse. Immediately, God drew my attention to it and I felt it settle in my soul.…